вторник, 1 сентября 2015 г.

compile tshark with custom lua

Linking with liblua failed.

lua: 5.1.4
wireshark: 1.12.2

1. download lua sources, download wireshark sources;
2. build shared library for lua
Edit Makefile fo building liblua.so.
You'll have to complete src/Makefile. Name the target, add it to the main list, and add a build rule, like this:


ALL_T= $(LUA_A) $(LUA_T) $(LUAC_T) $(LUA_SO)

$(LUA_SO): $(CORE_O) $(LIB_O)
    $(CC) -o $@ -shared $?

Also in the main Makefile, have the shared library installed along
with the static one:

TO_LIB= liblua.a liblua.so

3. run ./configure for wireshark with special flag for linker:
LDFLAGS="-ldl" ./configure --disable-wireshark --with-lua=/usr/local/